Le Raison D’être

Donald Drumpf was elected President of the United States less than 24 hours ago and here I am wondering if I am simply caught up in the elections mayhem, or somewhere in my soul I am genuinely mortified for the future of not just those who call themselves Americans but all of humanity.

I am not a politician, I am not an advocate for any particular party or organization and I am certainly not one to passionately follow world news. What I am, however, is a strong believer that the existence of this individual should – if it doesn’t already – remind us of all the tragedies of the modern world. Somehow the ultimate embodiment (aside from Martin Shkreli) of corporate greed, social irresponsibility and elitist attitude made it to the highest position of one of the world’s most influential nations. And we – every single one of us around the world – allowed it to happen.

What saddens (and angers) me are those who snidely comment and joke that the results do not affect anyone but Americans. Is that disposition a sign of defeat, a sign of contentment and/or simply a sign of apathy? If any of those – or anything else – the question then is ‘Why? How did we get to that point of view? What have we done to feel this way?’

We are capable of change but are we willing to change?

Everyone else can rip into the economic, political and social implications of Drumpf’s forthcoming term. In my mind Trump is many [horrible] things, but I am here with the focus of one particular worry of what his presidency could exacerbate. He represents to me power that will further divide the classes by strengthening corporate coalitions. His multiple bankruptcies and neglectful practices characterize how the American Dream never evolved. Now this dream of great expansion into the unknown has morphed into a stark hunger for excessive riches by exploiting the people and resources from all around the world. Corporations have a deep and strong coercion in regulation bodies and agencies sworn to protect us from false and misleading advertising. With deteriorating disposable incomes and the lack of proper education consumers buy into these fabricated lies. Without the right tools at hand are consumers really given a real chance to make the right choice?

We eat the food and drink the beverages that will cause preventable diseases just to save a few very precious dollars to make rent. We are bombarded with so much information we choose to believe only the theories that match what we already believe. We wear expensive clothes for the price of a child’s life and more. In many ways, it isn’t difficult to feel so small and such an ineffective player in the global community; how is one person supposed to make a difference in the world? Violence and verbal abuse is not only wrong but always met with criticism and backlash. Are there more potent and compelling ways to tackle this mountainous system of control?

Join me on this journey, if you wish. All you need to arm yourself with is the belief that you can and will make a difference in your lifetime and most importantly one that you can share with others by being the change you want to see in this world. It is the cliche of all cliches but isn’t showing the best way to lead?


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